As part of its overall commitment to educating New Zealanders on issues affecting their health and health choices the Trust has been leading the opposition to the New Zealand Government’s plan to treat natural health products as drugs and give the power to control them to the controversial Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. The Trust has spent the last 5 years presenting evidence to the New Zealand Parliament on how damaging this proposal would be to the natural health options of New Zealanders. Read more information about ANZTPA Click here  WE WON! ANZTPA Cancelled but now they are at it again.

2016 Campaign

They are at it again, it’s the same old wine in a new bottle.
The natural health product industry and consumers are facing a significant threat to the viability and choice in the form of the Natural Health Products Bill. 

Send a Pre-prepared Submission

For those who have limited time to prepare a submission and wish to oppose the Bill in principle,
for a short pre-prepared submission. click here

Make your own submission to the Ministry of Health by 4th March 2016

The Ministry of Health is consulting on certain aspects of the natural health products regime that are to be contained in regulations.  Submissions are due by Friday 4th March 2016
For further information about the effects of the Bill and helpful info to help you make a submission on the draft regulations. Click here

Contact MP's

Contact MP’’s about your concerns, for a facility and pre-prepared wording. Click here

Economic Impact Reports

NZHT has at its own expense obtained independent reports from TDB Consulting and Castalia about the economic and regulatory impacts of the Bill.  These independent consultants confirm that the Bill is inconsistent with good regulatory principles, and imposes significant and unjustified costs on the industry. For copies of the economic impact reports. Click here

List of substances

Below is a link to download the latest draft substances list as an Excel spread sheet; you can enter any substance and check if it is on the preapproved list as at 18th Dec 2015  Click here

Supplementary Order Paper

The Ministry of Health’s proposed changes to the Bill are contained in a draft Supplementary Order Paper (SOP) dated 18 August 2015.  The SOP is presented as a revised bill. Click here

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NZ Health,Health conscious New Zealanders are facing a threat to their freedom to choose natural ways and means for taking care of their health. According to an agreement between the governments of New Zealand and Australia, signed in December 2003, Natural Health Products could be classed as drugs and regulated by a joint agency modelled after the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.
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